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About Williamson Boat Docks

Williamson Boat Docks Inc. is a second-generation, family-owned business located in Hot Springs, Arkansas.

The business was founded in 1962; today the company is celebrating over fifty years of excellence in waterfront residential and commercial construction. Williamson Boat Docks specializes in custom designed and constructed boat docks, boardwalks, piers, and boat lifts. Floating boat docks are delivered and installed anywhere in the country. Stationary boat docks, boardwalks, and piers are constructed in Arkansas and surrounding states. Floating boat dock kits are available for delivery anywhere!

Having been in the boat dock business for over fifty years, Williamson Boat Docks Inc. has built a majority of the docks on the many lakes in the Hot Springs and Tri-Lakes area. In fact, there are still docks that were constructed in the early years of the business in the 1960’s floating on the lakes! In addition to boat docks, Williamson Boat Docks Inc. offers a variety of other products. These include many different boat lifts, personal watercraft lifts, personal watercraft ramps, and accessories.

Williamson Boat Docks are custom designed and built according to the customer’s needs and regulations of their lake. Custom colors, composite decking, and galvanizing are offered, as well as different anchoring systems. The dock design has been engineer approved for structural strength. Williamson Boat Docks Inc. is a licensed contractor, insured, and bondable.

Through their fifty years of business, Williamson Boat Docks Inc. has made thousands of customers happy by offering a quality product at a reasonable price. Word-of-mouth has been the best advertisement, and we're very proud of a reputation that speaks for itself.

A dock should be a one-time investment that lasts a lifetime, and that is exactly what Williamson Boat Docks Inc. builds! Buzzy and Sherri Williamson look forward to working with you on your dock project.